Clob Handling Made Easy in Java with Oracle 10g

I found out a pretty neat thing last week about the JDBC Driver for Oracle 10g.

Previously when I’ve had to use a CLOB (Character Large OBject) in Java using Oracle

I’ve had to use the Oracle specific classes, rather than use the java.sql classes.



PreparedStatement stmt = con.prepareStatement(sql);
stmt.setString(1, primaryKey);
ResultSet res = stmt.executeQuery();

oracle.sql.CLOB clob = (oracle.sql.CLOB)res.getClob(1);

Then you had to use methods on the CLOB class that are not available on javax.sql.Clob to stream the bytes to / from the database.
If you tried to use the methods that should have been used on the javax.sql.Clob class you got some sort of error, an Unsupported Driver Operation or the like (Haven’t done this for a while and my memory’s a bit rusty on it)

Since the 10g driver the oracle CLOB and BLOB classes both implement the jdbc interface properly, so you can just use the jdbc classes/interfaces
instead of putting oracle specific classes in your code.

This allows you to use

javax.sql.Clob clob = res.getClob(1);

and for writing using the jdbc methods…

out = clob.setAsciiStream(0);

and for reading …

in = new BufferedInputStream(clob.getAsciiStream());

Recently I’ve had to use a clob again, and I have always wondered why can’t I just go stmt.setClob() and rs.getClob() without having to use a load of byte streaming code.
Well the nice guys n gals at Oracle have done something similar for the 10g driver which I think is fantastic.

No more selecting for update, all you do is use the setString and getString methods on PreparedStatement and ResultSet.

You will need to set some oracle specific settings in the driver properties if you want to put data in that’s bigger than 32k.

I found this information out here

Nice one oracle, its about time 🙂 I wonder if they’ve done something similar for Blob handling!!

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